Usage Cases: How To Get Your Users To “Like” Your Facebook Page Using Appoxee

Recently based on our reccomendations some of our clients have been using Appoxee to increase their Facebook page exposure. The results have been phenomenal and are worth sharing. All of you can benefit from using this Appoxee based tactic.

If you dont already know, Facebook recently revamped its entire mobile web-app offering and now its really easy to link directly to your facebook fan page. All you need to do is enter the following URL into any brower (even a non mobile browser) (or for a live example

How to do you this?

1) Verify the mobile version of your fan page exists (as mentioned above)

2) Use our message wizard to create start creating a new message

3) When you reach the step where you need to enter the inbox content enter the text you want your users to see in the inbox (click on image below for large example).

Using Appoxee to Promote your Facebook Fan Page

4) Now continue through the steps of the wizard and send out your Appoxee message.

Your users should see something like this when they open the message if they are not logged on to their Facebook account when they get the message. If they are instead of a login button they will see the famous Like button.














Essentially you are delivering your fan page right to the user via Appoxee. Try it! the conversion rate is great!

Happy User Engagement from the Appoxee Team!