Usage Case: Asking Users to Review Your App

In the last few weeks one of our clients has done some magic with Appoxee. Although we can’t share the name of the client but we can share some cool data to get you thinking about another way to engage your users with Appoxee. (All data is shared with the express permission of the app owner, of course!)

We will call the clients app for this usage case “Legendary Bunnies”.  So Legendary Bunnies was launched over a year ago in the app store and has been able to generate several hundred thousand downloads since its initial launch. Several weeks ago Legendary Bunnies released an update of their app with Appoxee inside.

Their app has a very serious retention rate with over 50% of their users coming to the app several time a month.

As part of their strategy they decided to post a Welcome Message in their Appoxee inbox asking their users to take a moment to review their app in the app store with a link directly in the message which took their users to the review section of their app in the app store.

SIDE NOTE: They used the Persistent Message feature in Appoxee for their welcome message meaning everyone of their current and future users automatically gets this message when they first update or download their app.

The response to their request was astounding. Over 452 written reviews (as opposed to just ratings) in the app store in the first 7 days since the update (Average rating of 5 stars – nice!).

Some perspective on this data: Until that point in time where they installed Appoxee and set up a persistent welcome message, their app had 600 written reviews over a whole year.

How did this happen? Well… first and foremost, they engaged their users directly and asked for a review. The message had an open rate of above 50% meaning that more than half of the users that updated the app saw the message and chose to open it.

We herebye add this to our list of “Best Practices”  – Ask For a Review (nicely of course:) and your users will engage.

Note: Legendary Bunnies is a mature app with a loyal following. Based on the reviews that were written we can assume they were written by loyal and long time customers. This tactic of asking for a review in a welcome message is probably better for apps that have been in the market for a while as compared new apps that are being just launched. This is because a user needs to experience your app to form an opinion. If you are launching a new app in the app store wait a while (at least weeks, maybe a couple months) before asking your users for a review.

Another great usage case by one of our wonderful clients. Thanks Legendary Bunnies for allowing us to share this information!


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