The Burst Effect. What is it? How do you do it? and What can it do for your app ranking?

Some of you may know the marketing model pioneered by FAAD (Free App a Day). For those of you who don’t here’s a short summary. FAAD developed an app that markets other apps. They create value for the end user by “convincing” app developers to give away their paid apps for free for one day. During this day they send out a push notification to the FAAD users notifying them that this and this app is now free for 24 hours. The user click on the push notification, which in turn opens the FAAD app on a landing page which allows users to download the app.

But what value do they create for the developers? If an app was paid and now its free for 24 hours how is that going to benefit the developer? The argument is that because the FAAD user base is large the amount of downloads that they can generate is large enough to cause the app to rank high on the app store. This is the BURST EFFECT.  Apples app store rankings are calculated by the number of downloads per 15 minutes (rankings get updated every 15 minutes). So if your app gets lots of downloads quickly you may find yourself ranked. Getting ranked in the top 100 apps of any category is always a good thing since it drives organic downloads (IE not just the people who saw your message but people who are browsing the app store). People browse the app store categories top apps. Its the most popular and effective method of app discovery.

Now…we know what the burst effect is. But how can you achieve this without FAAD (Oh did I mention being a FAAD app for one day costs thousands of dollars?). The answer is with Appoxee. There are some prerequisites for you to be able to achieve it but many of our app developers have all they need to make it happen.

You will need:  More than one app and at least one app with a large number of users (preferably over 50,000 users with push enabled) or many apps with a aggregate number. If your numbers are even larger your chances of success (getting your app into the rankings) are very high.

Now all you need to do is send a rich message, with out push to your users (remember the more people you send it to the better) notifying them of your other app.

Obviously you will need to design the message with a clickable link to the app store to entice users to download. You can read how to do that in Appoxee here.

Also this tactic will work even better if your apps are related in context somehow. If your developing kids books pushing one book through the another will work best because you know your targeting your target market (parents with kids in this example).

Hope this gives you some food for thought. Keep following our blog for more suggestions and tactics.

Love you all. The Appoxee Team.