News app case study #1- Engagement Benchmarks

Appoxee Case study – News organizations

One of the largest news organizations in the Middle East has been using Appoxee for over 12 months. Much insight has been gained via this relationship and we would like to share some of it. The client’s name has been changed to “Middle East News” for this purpose to protect their privacy.
The Story:
• Prior to installing Appoxee in their apps, Middle East News was one of the first news organizations in the Middle East to enter the mobile arena.
• Middle East News has been publishing its news for over 3 decades via print and later via the web. In 2008 with the launch of the IOS platform, Middle East News developed 2 apps internally (one for each of its brands) to deliver its news to its readers. Since they were first in the local market, their apps were initially a large success with a very high download rate. As time progressed, competing news organizations joined the band wagon and Middle East News now had to compete for the user’s attention.
• Looking for a solution to engage their readers more actively, Middle East News approached Appoxee to provide its service to their apps. They integrated Appoxees in app inbox as well as Appoxees push notification services.

How is Middle East News using Appoxee.
1) PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Middle East News sends out relevant breaking news via Appoxee powered push notifications to its users.
Some interesting conclusions from this practice:
a) After over 8 months of delivering breaking news via Appoxee 95% of users still have their push notifications enabled for the application. This goes to prove the readers find their breaking news via push as a highly relevant service. On, average over 5 push notifications are sent daily.
b) App usage has surged dramatically since the usage of Appoxee has begun. Middle East News has seen a 4 fold increase in average daily usage since the breaking news service was initiated.
c) Increased usage has lead to increased ad sales in the applications (the only direct source of revenue for Middle East News via its applications)

App activations
App activations

* Due to the fact that Middle East News has readers all across the globe Middle East News has recently begun sending out breaking news in local languages to users based on their country utilizing Appoxees segmentation and targeting capabilities.

2) INAPP INBOX: Middle East News uses Appoxees InApp Inbox to deliver supplementary content to its readers including, monthly caricatures, public opinion surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, bug reports, and more.

Inbox and survey
Inbox and survey

Some interesting conclusions from this practice:
a) The Monthly Caricature has an average read rate of over 65% within 30 days.
b) Political Surveys sent every so often have a open rate of over 50% and a participation rate of over 25%. Meaning 25% of people who opened the message actually engaged it by filling in the survey. Note that these surveys are usually a Yes/No question.
c) Middle East News has a practice of setting up facebook fan pages for its top news categories. They have recently used the Appoxee InApp Inbox to notify their readers of the individual fans pages for each category. Fan page likes increased over 500% in less than one week of the message being sent into the app.

*Middle East News has recently tested server commercial messages that were sent into the InApp Inbox. These messages where tested on a small segment of users to gage the level of interest by the end users. Initial data shows that there is a very high conversion rate for commercial messages that are considered by the end users as relevant or contextual.

3) FEEDBACK MECHNISM: Using Appoxee Feedback Mechanism Middle East News has gained invaluable insight into their reader’s mobile specific needs. Giving users a place to vent, compliment, Middle East News has received tens of thousands of user feedbacks. These feedbacks have allowed them to:

a. Fix previsouly unknown issues with their app
b. Add relevant news categories based on reader demand
c. Improve UX design based on users feedback.
d. Direct happy users to review their app on the app store and at the same time to direct unhappy users to vent directly to Middle East News rather than to the App store review area which is public.

*Middle East News has recently assigned the CRM team to directly answer comments made VIA Appoxees Feedback mechanism.