How can you maximize your app revenues? Treat your users differently.

“Mobile engagement”… to you it might sound like just another marketing buzzword. To businesses that already understand the essence of customer loyalty, brand value, brand life cycle and more, this phrase has a deeper meaning which represents a valuable strategy engraved in their business agenda.

In the online world as a publisher you work pretty hard on getting your users back to your site, to purchase your product or to simply get their email address (which could be wrong most of the times). As an online publisher you’re putting a lot of effort AND $$ on: ad re-targeting, email marketing, live chat, personal phone calls and much more just to get them engaged.

Now, as a mobile app publisher, what are you doing to get the same result??

The answer is – absolutely NOTHING.

The mobile arena is still considered pre-mature and “new” which carries with its (misjudged) title a negative effect of many app owners’ somewhat indifference towards their users. With over 1B apps published in the app store and an average of 80 apps per device your users will spend less time on your app. Your strategy will have to turn to a more proactive approach, providing your clients with what they really need and want.

Most of your budget is focused on outbound marketing and sales; mobile ads, mobile discovery, affiliation…. what about your existing clients?

They just downloaded your app, they might have paid for it and you probably already lost most of them since you haven’t done anything for them.
To avoid becoming just another app among the other tens and soon hundreds on a user’s device remember this important keyword: Differentiate. You must first differentiate yourself with a smarter strategy – begin a relationship with your users, get to know them and approach each one of them differently.

Engage –
Did you know that over 95% of the top 100 brands now have a presence in at least one of the major mobile application stores? This finding is notable because just 18 months ago, only half (51%) of the top brands even had any mobile applications published (Distimo research)
These brands, especially those operating in the media, business services and the automotive industries, have realized that having an app store presence helps them to promote their brand to consumers, and, for some, even to sell content. Most brands, though, are not looking to making money with their apps, but give them away for free. Their main purpose is it to engage and create brand awareness.

Be Relevant –
Once you’ve started the engagement process with your users you must approach them with relevant content keeping them informed with your activity, services and updates. Provide your users with real updated information regarding your milestones and thus create a stronger connecting with your most valuable asset.

Support –
Provide your users with feedback to comment, complain and communicate with you directly. Once users understand there’s someone who’s taking care of their enquiries, needs and wants; they will be satisfied with your service. Also based on their remarks you’ll improve and provide a more complete product.

Analyze & Measure –

Your engagement methods have an ROI. It could be measured based on your revenues and reflect your communication efforts effectiveness. For example if your app revenue model is based on In-App purchases then increased activations due to sending a Push Notification for example, will increase the probability of a purchase. Once you understand your user’s behavior you’ll be able to optimize your engagement and maximize the ROI.

You started connecting with your users, provided them with the relevant content, responded to their enquiries and reached an understanding of what’s effective and what your users want and like. Now you’ll have the ability to provide different users with more valuable content. If you have users from all ages, all over the world, different genders and different needs … well you already know the answer…

Today you can already use the Appoxee platform to manage and develop a strong relationship with your users.
So how are we going to help you engage with your users differently?

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